Team Building with Bainbridge Leadership Center

Building an effective and cohesive working team is essential to success in any work place, whether in a corporation, nonprofit or government agency. The concepts to build a team are fairly simple; however the challenge is in building the awareness and courage to face the issues that may be preventing the team from being a healthy and productive group. Most team work dynamics lack in almost all situations. Where does a group begin toward improving their work together?

Our first step is to ask the team members to identify their values, roles, and responsibilities. Once these are clear, the second step is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current team. From here we facilitate a clear vision for the group.

Team retreats are essential to build the personal relationships and we often combine the team approach with individual coaching so that each member of the team can have a place to explore the changes they need to make. The true measure of a team is in accomplishing the results they set out to achieve. Bainbridge Leadership Center’s successful, individualized approach to team building has been proven time and time again.


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“David Womeldorff kept a very talky group well engaged for a remarkable period of time with a presentation that was at once abstract, intelligent and complex yet grounded, intuitive, and wise. (His) model was useful at many levels. Furthermore, the way he held the ideas – as well as the group itself – was flexible, savvy, appropriately complex, and creative.”

Larry Daloz; co-author, Common Fire: Leading Lives of Commitment in a Complex World, and Associate Director of the Whidbey Institute

"Working with Donna Zajonc has been a wonderful experience for both our City Staff and our elected officials. Her presentation and clarification of Staff/Board roles was extremely helpful. I feel that hiring Donna Zajonc was an excellent investment for our community and I enthusiastically recommend her for other municipalities."

Linda Goldstein Mayor City of Clayton, MO