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Donna Zajonc and David Emerald Womeldorff bring energy, excitement, and a new way of thinking to the room. They will engage your audience while challenging them to see things from new and enlightened perspectives.


The following keynote speeches are currently offered by Donna Zajonc (all topics can be modified for a non-political audience)

If you're looking for a breath of fresh air for your next event, then look no further. Donna Zajonc brings political savvy, business acumen, and a strong sense of humor to the speaker's dais. From business executives to elected and appointed officials, Donna delivers a powerful message of hope that inspires her audiences to re-evaluate how they think and act in the world today.

Donna has made over 500 speeches and presentations throughout her career. She is entertaining, convincing, energetic, and informative. From Seattle to West Palm Beach her messages of hope and healing are inspiring leaders all over the country to work together and lead from the heart. Book Donna for your next event, you'll be glad you did!


Public Leader as Convener and Collaborator

Local and state officials can take the lead in decision making by convening community conversations to tackle problems before they become explosive. The old style of leading was based upon the idea that the public leader had all the power and answers. Today’s government leaders can leverage their power by convening people together in public conversations as a way of taking action but not taking sides. Learn the Eight Keys to Convening and transform your role as a public leader. Public meetings could actually become fun again!


Creating Powerful Partners

Growth and change are a way of life. People with differing viewpoints may go to battle with competing ideas for improvements. You recognize that collaboration is essential to vibrant, healthy groups and communities. You know "the way you've always done it" doesn't work anymore. So how do you collaborate, embrace diversity, and take action in a way so that no one loses? By learning about the Four Stages of Public Leadership, evaluating the strengths & weakness of each, and assessing your leadership point of view.


Building and Repairing trust

As leaders, if we do not have trusting relationships with our fellow leaders and staff, we simply will not be effective. But what is trust? How do we know when we have trust and most important, how do we repair it when trust is lost. Distrust is extremely expensive to the success of our organizations and our individual well being. There is a lot we can do to repair trust and we can actually increase trust much faster than we think.


Creating a Character-Based Public Organization

How do public leaders maintain their character when ethical lapses seem to be everywhere today? What is character and how do we build character in our local government? Complex and rapid global changes are presenting new ethical challenges far beyond anything imagined just a few years ago. In order to attract and keep quality workers who want to work in quality organizations, our public organizations must be more than ethical---they must be character-based. In this seminar, participants will learn tips on how to develop a character-based organizational culture so that citizens and employees admire you, as well as your public organization.


Keeping Your Passion for Public Service Alive

As a former Oregon State Legislator, Donna Zajonc understands the challenge today's public leaders face to keep alive their vision and inspiration for public service. In this presentation, Donna will help you rekindle your passion for public service and outline tips she has learned as a professional leadership coach. Sharing from her book, The Politics of Hope, she will introduce the Four Stages of Public Leadership providing the keys to maintaining your energy as a successful leader at work and in your community.


Public service: a calling or a craving?
Those of us dedicated to public service may discover there is a thin line between our calling to serve and our craving to serve. We may believe we are "suppose" to serve the public good, only to discover later that we occasionally doubt our decision and eventually loose our commitment to public service. When we can renew our call to service, we become aware of our passions, and our actions unfold with ease while dramatically increasing our effectiveness as a public leader.


Custom Topics Available - Contact Donna by phone at 206.780.9300 or via email Donna@BainbridgeLeadership.com


The following keynote speeches are currently offered by David Emerald Womeldorff


If you are looking for a speaker or workshop leader that will uplift, enlighten and inspire your audience to reach new levels of collaboration through empowering relationships, look no further than David Emerald Womeldorff.


Creating Cultures of Empowerment
requires much more than delegating responsibility and authority. It demands a particular orientation to work – and life – that cultivates relationships which create high fulfillment and peak performance in serving clients and customers. This keynote address will inspire and challenge you to shift your ways of thinking and taking action and point the way to harnessing “The Empowerment Dynamic (TED)” in your organization!

TED*: The Cure for the Epidemic of Victimhood

Victimhood is a form of self-identity and a way of being that has reached epidemic proportions in our organizations, our communities and, indeed, our world. TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) challenges Victimhood by providing a compelling alternative to the daily drama that so often characterizes our relationships in our personal and professional lives. Audiences will learn how to begin to make the shift from Victim to Creator and to encourage the same in others!

Applying “The Power of TED*” @ Work – A New Leadership Dynamic

Traditional perspectives on leadership set up an unrealistic expectation that leaders will emerge as heroes to rescue followers from whatever the problems of the day may be! The audience will be challenged to shift their focus of leadership from reacting to problems to creating outcomes in service to the mission and purpose of the organization. Leaders will discover ways to enhance their roles as Creator, Challenger, and Coach and begin to move from an Heroic to a Collaborative style of leadership. (Keynote Speech or Seminar)


Creating Powerful Partnerships

Based on David’s nearly 30 years of observing and applying the lessons of collaboration in all kinds of organizations, participants will learn about the Seven Agreements for Accelerating Collaboration that form the basis of powerful partnerships capable of producing sustainable results. This presentation and/or seminar focuses on ways of thinking, interacting and taking action that create outcomes and build healthy and productive working relationships. (Keynote Speech or Seminar)


Rekindling Your Fire

This speech challenges audiences to reclaim their passion for their profession and service to society. Participants will discern ways to move from a problem-focused way of serving to creating passionbased outcomes for themselves and their clients/customers. By learning how to harness The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic), participants will rekindle their passion for their chosen profession. (Keynote Speech or Seminar)

Custom Topics Available - Contact David for more information: Phone 206.780.0994 - Email david@bainbridgeleadership.com