Coaching with Bainbridge Leadership Center

What exactly is coaching? In short, it's a one-on-one relationship in which a coach helps you to clarify what you want in work and in life. Once you have that clear focus, working with your coach will help you take the actions you want to take to reach a goal. Coaches are confidential and trusted advisors who challenge you to stay focused and directed toward fulfilling a project goal, new business or whatever clear goal you determine is next in your life. We strategize about how to reach your goals, hold you accountable for the action you say you will take and help you overcome obstacles that may crop up along the way.

Donna Zajonc Professional Certified Coach in EcuadorThe coaching process is customized according to each individual’s focus and timetable, ranging from immediate and highly focused projects to more long term personal development work that will help you become the leader you aspire to be. The preferred format for a coaching session is typically over the phone. For that reason telephone sessions are the most convenient, economical and very successful. Whenever possible, face-to-face sessions are arranged.

We call ourselves Executive Coaches because we tend to work with leaders in positions of influence in business, nonprofits or public service. Our desire is to work with leaders who have decided they want to improve their leadership skills and help transform the world on behalf of the common good.

If you are searching for a systematic and effective methodology to develop what you want in life, then leadership coaching may be your answer. Read This ICMA article to learn more about Donna's approach to taking "politics" out of the workplace. To learn more about coaching in general please visit the International Coach Federation web site.


"Because Donna is a former elected leader she really knows what it is like to deal with all the demands of public office. Donna helps me focus on what matters most and has started me on a path to a more balanced life while helping me be more effective in my business and public service. Donna is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her."

Jeffrey Quibell
City Councilman, Blue Springs, MO
President — CPros, Inc
2008 Candidate for Mayor


"Donna's unique gifts as a coach gave me the courage to embrace my own personal transformation. She listens deeply; offers suggestions and asks me to stretch beyond what I thought was possible. She had an objective view which gave me a perspective that I hadn't considered. I was willing to see things differently because of her guidance. Donna has had the greatest impact on my own personal journey of growth, change and transformation. I'm eternally blessed for her coaching."

Beth S. Jarman, Ph.D.
President, Farsight Group