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With everything in our world upside down and in flux, change seems to be here to stay. How are you going to be a positive leader for the changes that affect your life and work? What really matters when it comes to leadership? These days, it is essential to manage your energy, establish your priorities and stay focused on what matters most to you. In the three minutes it takes you to read my essay, you will receive a new idea or skill each month to help you clarify what matters most to you and incorporate the daily practices that will help you receive what you want.


For six years I wrote my monthly newsletter under the title Politics of Hope (see POH archives below). The new Leadesrhip Matters newsletter will include the same helpful leadership tips for a broader audience of leaders and managers.


Leadership Matters Archive

(all archives are in pdf - get the free Adobe Reader here)


December - Becoming a Wholehearted Leader (pdf)
November - It's Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood (pdf)
October - What Have I Learned? (pdf)
September - Reduce Your Need to be Right: Five Recommended Action Steps (pdf)

August - Introverts Can Be Great Leaders Too (pdf)

July - The Health of our Nation is at Risk from Within (pdf)

June - 5 Tips to Boost Your Creativity (pdf)
May - What We Focus On Expands (pdf)
April - The Secret to Why People Change (pdf)
March - One Bad Apple Can Spoil... (pdf)

February - Neurology of Love and What Leaders Must Know (pdf)

January - More Outcomes and Fewer Goals in 2012 (pdf)



December - Learning from 2011 - Chaos is the New Constant (pdf)

November - Leveraging Conflict and Polarizing Differences (pdf)

October - Minding the Decisin Gap - (pdf)

September - My Limited Ability to Understand China - (pdf)

August - Getting Comfortable with Discomfort - (pdf)

July - Has "No Problem" Become Your Substitute for "You're Welcome?" - (pdf)

June - Creating Your Legacy - Where Do You Start? - (pdf)

May - Three Questions that Will Shift Your Leadership Mindset - (pdf)
April - The Neurology of Decision Making - (pdf)
March - Trusting Your Second Brain - (pdf)

February - The Neurology of Multitasking (pdf)
January - When Things Seem Unfair - A Leader's Role (pdf)




December - Turning Inventing into Innovation (pdf)

November - The Power of Pessimism (pdf)

October - Experiencing India & Intercultural Leadership (pdf)

September - 5 Steps to Greater Confidence (pdf)

August - Forgiveness Leads to Innovation (pdf)

July - Making Requests for Action (pdf)

June - Why So Many are Disengaged at Work (pdf)

May - Do You Ruminate on Mistakes? (pdf)

April - Question Your Assumptions (pdf)

March - Experiencing Leadership in Ecuador (pdf)
February - Why Victims Can't Innovate (pdf)

January - Change Your Relationship with Time in 2010 (pdf)


2009 Matters Archive

December - Catch and Correct (pdf)

November - Loyal to a Fault? (pdf)
October - Too Much Stress is NOT the Problem

September - Are You a Leader or a Manager? (pdf)



Politics of Hope Newsletter Archive

2009 Politics of Hope Archive (all archives are in pdf format - get the free Adobe Reader here)


August 2009 - The Last Politics of Hope Newsletter: Procrastination No More!

July 2009 - The 3 M's That Will Derail Your Leadership

June 2009 - The Four Kinds of Knowledge

May 2009 - 10 Qualities of an Effective Leader

April 2009 - Leader's Role in Building and Repairing Trust

March 2009 - The Art of Apology

February 2009 - Giving and Receiving Feedback

January 2009 - The Six-Second Secret to Leadership


2008 Politics of Hope Ezine Archive


December 2008 - Is Failure Good for You?

November 2008 - Force or Power - Which Way do You Lead?

October 2008 - The Political Placebo Effect

September 2008 - Do You Want to Convince or Connect?

August 2008 - Two Styles of Leadership

July 2008 - Behind Every Commitment is a Complaint

June 2008 - Does Our Brain Impair Our Political Perspective?

May 2008 - Education in the Post-Taliban Era

April 2008 - Free-Floating Political Anxiety

March 2008 - When Politicians Don't Tell the Truth

February 2008 - The Powerful Political Speech is Back

January 2008 - Is Your Desire to Serve a Calling or a Craving?